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Main Designers:
Janine Vandebosch

Rue G. De Lombaerde, 41
1140 Brussels

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Nothing compares to a piece of INTERNI furniture!

The timeless character, quality and beauty of the materials, combined with the purity of the lines, give each piece an exceptional feel.
To give your home the elegance it deserves, we have selected some of the finest species of wood available, such as zebrano, ebony and rosewood, along with various finishes of oak or bamboo. These noble materials, as well as the fabrics used, bring out the sobriety and refinement of our lines.

INTERNI has developed a furniture range comprised of tables, armchairs, chairs and lamps.
To meet your specific requirements, the entire range can be made-to-measure.

Draw inspiration from our models, woods and fabrics to create your ideal piece of furniture. We will sit down with you to help you design the model that will do justice to the style of your home !
Ever since the company was created by Yves Dever in 1989, that has always been the « Interni Edition philosophy ».
Yves Dever caught the cabinet-making bug at an early age, as he whiled away the hours in his grandfather’s workshop.
Born in the midst of wood shavings, furniture very quickly came to populate his drawings.
The INTERNI collection was the fruit of the fertile contacts developed with his clients.

The first models in the range were presented in Paris in 1991 at the Maison & Objets - Scènes d’Intérieur International Trade Fair. Success came hot on its heels.
The feel of the Collection is reminiscent of the lines that have become associated with other designers such as Christian Liaigre, John Pawson and Andrée Putman. They also draw their inspiration from architects who left their mark on the 1980s and pay tribute to prestigious interior decorators such as Jean Michel Franck.
The aim being always to give a contemporary slant to the work of these groundbreaking creative geniuses.

Today, this tradition of « craftsmanship » is being kept alive by the team headed by Jean Pierre Pirson.
He guides the work of the craftsmen by observing and building on the foundations laid by Yves Dever.
Janine Vandebosch, a graduate of the Academy of Antwerp, directs the creations and the design. She has always maintained the simplicity and purity of the lines while conjuring up a collection that is constantly renewed, rethought and reworked.

The simpler the product, the more low-key it is, the harder it is to come up with that attention-grabbing detail.
It takes a certain skill, one that is not the prerogative of all, to take lines back to their essence in order to bring out the beauty and quality of the materials.

The Interni designers approach the wood, stone, metal and fabrics they work with the delicacy and respect they deserve.
The collections finally owe their success to the sleight of hand of the cabinetmakers and craftsmen.

The entire team is driven by a shared passion :
design is culture and craftsmanship, craftsmanship is a guarantee of the quality and durability of design.

Uniqueness/diversity come together to give the Interni furniture their unmistakeable character.
Our « bespoke » designs and the spectrum of different species of wood, types of stone or section geometries give each piece of furniture a unique character.
Each piece of furniture is created and produced like a work of art for the person behind the commission.
Interni has always kept its finger on the pulse of the major artistic trends. For years, Jean Pierre Pirson has been blurring the line between the artist and the designer, the work of art and the piece of furniture.
Practical Information
62, rue de l'Aurore - 1000 Brussels
p: +32 2 646 16 10
f: +32 2 646 17 10

diito dansaert:

19, rue des Chartreux - 1000 Brussels
+32 2 502 71 86

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Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Wednesday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Thursday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Friday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Saturday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Sunday: closed
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