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Respect for nature and the environment have been high on the company’s list of priorities for many years. According to the family business, this is one of the conditions for making high quality products. In particular, this applies to the manufacture of oak products where time is a synonym for good quality.

At Van Rossum, we owe our extensive knowledge of oak to a special close relationship with our French supplier. The people who work there go into the forest every day. They know every tree and as a result, they know exactly what is being sold at the auctions held by the French National Forestry Services.

Some 5 -10 years after planting young saplings, the National Forestry Service selects the stronger trees that will be allowed to mature. An interim selection is made 20 years later, and the final selection follows after another 30 years. The trees that eventually remain are free to grow to an age of about 100 years before literally facing the axe. It is a time consuming process, whereby man creates the optimum growing conditions for a tree, but nature sets the pace.

The oak timber that has been purchased is not transported to the Netherlands immediately. It is left to dry and rest in a sawmill before being cut. Depending on the thickness of the planks, it can take up to 4 years before the timber is eventually loaded for transport.

Once it arrives at Van Rossum, the oak timber is placed in special large climate controlled chambers and dried again, sometimes for several months, till the required moisture content is achieved. These chambers are heated using waste timber from the production, as is the warehouse and factory. In line with the philosophy at Van Rossum, the 100 year old wood is always treated durably. The company manufactures furniture designed to last a lifetime, so the wood that is used must be given all the time it needs before being processed.

With Van Rossum, your home is a unique and responsible environment
Many among us know the FSC quality mark. This means that only wood originating from reliable forestry services is usable. We take it one step further; we use every single last woodchip and even the thinnest of wood shavings from the sustainably felled oak trees. Oak may well be ‘Slow Wood’, but using skill, innovation and respect, Van Rossum turns it into furniture that is definitely worth waiting for.

End grain
Our collection includes several tables, sideboards and lowboards where the tops are 6 cm thick and composed of 7 x 7 cm squares. Applying traditional craftsmanship and respecting the natural forces of the wood enable us to produce this special furniture.
At Van Rossum, we mastered this ‘Art’ thanks to our years of experience, and we can proudly say that we are industry leaders in this field.

Tailor made
Our collection consists of a series of different standard models that can be tailored to suit your needs. For example, do you want a tabletop with specific dimensions or a cabinet in a particular colour?
Van Rossum will gladly meet your wishes. Our tailor made work gives an extra dimension to the already unique character of our furniture. After all,no two trees are the same and this is clearly visible in the differing colours and structures of each piece of wood. The naturally determined pattern of grain and knots together with our handwork ensures that each piece is an individual.
Practical Information
62, rue de l'Aurore - 1000 Brussels
p: +32 2 646 16 10
f: +32 2 646 17 10

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19, rue des Chartreux - 1000 Brussels
+32 2 502 71 86

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