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Main Designers:
Lucie Koldova
José Cabrita
Patrick Séha
Dan Yeffet

8510 MARKE (Kortrijk)

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PER/USE is a Belgian design brand that offers a balanced mix of furniture and accessories designed by international designers. The functional collection, with a dignified and timeless character, however not missing a contemporary twist, is inspired by familiar names as well as emerging design personalities. PER/USE stands for Crafts and Soul. A few key words are: simple yet smart, basic yet timeless, sober yet rich. We bring the best quality through good craftsmanship, working mainly with natural materials, such as wood and glass. The eco-friendly and sustainable products are all made in Europe. It’s about long-lasting pleasure and investing in a better future. Design is our nature.
Practical Information
62, rue de l'Aurore - 1000 Brussels
p: +32 2 646 16 10
f: +32 2 646 17 10

diito dansaert:

19, rue des Chartreux - 1000 Brussels
+32 2 502 71 86

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Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Wednesday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Thursday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Friday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Saturday: 10.30 am > 6.30 pm
Sunday: closed
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Vintage: due to frequent changes in the available stock, we ask you to contact us for the current content.